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Company Terre Gaie

A passion for wine is the secret of a company that has combined passion and the most advanced enological techniques in compliance with traditions.
In the most noble hills of Veneto passion and tradition create a true work of art.
Our company was born in the legendary lands of Vò, a small village of Colli Euganei, famous for winemaking. Here in northern Italy, walking through the streets one can smell wine in the air.
It’s invigorating and comforting at the same time. Terre Gaie winemakers have all been trained at the prestigious Conegliano wine school, which has been perfecting the art of winemaking for centuries.

The production of Terre Gaie is entrusted to those who have mastered the ancient art, and yet use the latest technology. We think our knowledge of the timeless art, blended with some of our high tech production, allows our wine to breathe in a new way.
Watching over every stage of the production, our winemakers transform our precious grapes into delectable wine, fit for any special occasion. We’re proud of our wine, and we want you to experience it.
We’ve listened to you, and want you to know more about our wine and the fabulous city where it comes to life – an ancient craft merged with state-of-the-art technology. You can call it contemporary. You can call it exquisite. Or you can just call it Terre Gaie.

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